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Winter Holiday 2011
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Chairman's Report, Membership Renewal Time!, Speed Quest Extensions, Racing Wrap-up, Found!, Mayo Wind is Back! LTW and Demos, Bonaire in May, Sponsor News, Membership Application.

Spring 2011
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Chairman's Report, Winter Party, Racing News, BABA 2011 Race Series, Cressman Memorial, Speed Quest 2011 Underway, 2011 Calendar, Shop News, Membership Application.

Winter 2010/2011
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East Coast Championships, Mayo Construction Update, Membership Renewal Time, BABA Winter Party, Clinic News, ECC Results, BABA Racing Season Final Results, Speed Quest 2010 Final Results, October Hatteras Memories, Spring Hatteras Reservations, Windsurfing from the Foredeck, Addicted to Wind, Peace Corps, Membership Applicationl.

Summer 2010
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BABA Supports Youth Windsurfing at BCSC, Racing News, AYC Race Clinic, WET Long Distance Race, Junior Olympics at Rock Hall, Youth Windsurfing Gets a Reboot, Rocky Point Clean-up, Speed Quest, DelMarVa Board Sports, Fall Hatteras Reservations, Hatteras in April, Hatteras in May, SUPer Women, Farkle, Wind-NC, Shop News, Calendar, Classifieds and Lots of Pix!

March/April 2010
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Winter Party, Annual Meeting, Racing Awards, BABA Steering Committee Meeting 3/21/10, BABA Racing Season Opener, Formula Windsurfing Festival, Speedquest, 2010 Clinics, Speedquest Update, Rocky Point & Mayo Beach Update, Membership Renewal, May Hatteras Trip, Junior Olympics Chesapeake Bay Open, Bonaire, The Other Coast, 2010 Season Calendar, Fun with Words, East of Maui News,

January/February 2010
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Chairman's Message, Winter Party - Sat Jan 23 from noon - 3pm, 2010 Racing, Speedquest, Membership Renewal, May Hatteras Trip, Terrific Tarifa, Windsurfing Travels 2009, Windsurfers' Lament, Classifieds

November/December 2009
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Old Chair/New Chair, Oct 2009 Steering Committee Meeting, Racing Season Results, Speedquest Results & 2010 Registration, Rocky Point Access, Matapeake Beach Park, Fall 2009 Hatteras Trip reports, BABA Style Section, Shop News, Classifieds

September/October 2009
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Mayo Construction Update, Why BABA?, East Coast Championships, BABA Speedquest Standings, 2009 Learn to Windsurf, Windsurf Resource Launch Guide, Nuke the Soup, Bernau SUPs, NJWWA, LBRA, Dana Miller Goes Digital, GPS Tracks and Google Earth, Lego, Shop News, Classifieds

Summer 2009
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Lots of Pictures!
Membership Renewal Time, May Hatteras Trip, New Speed Quest Leader, Racing Update, Learn to Windsurf & Petra Kanz Clinics, April Fools Wave Bash, BCSC Windsurfing Camps, Fall Hatteras Trip Reservations, Shop News, Classifieds

Mar/Apr 2009
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Membership Renewal Time!, BABA Winter Party & Racing Awards, 2009 Speed Quest, Get Ready for Racing, 2009 Race Schedule & Calendar Calema Midwinters Report, Learn to Windsurf & Petra Kanz Clinics, May Hatteras Trip Reservations, Winter Sailing in MD, Vela Baja, 2008 Financial Report, Farrah Hall Vindicated, Postcard from Japan, Tips and Tricks, Gerry Brown Memorial Race and Fundraiser, Shop News, Classifieds

Jan/Feb 2009
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BABA Winter Party & Racing Awards, 2009 Speed Quest, Caviglia Bluewater Regatta, Calema Midwinters, A Challenge to BABA, Spring Hatteras Trip Reservations, December Sailing, Sponsor Highlight, Cold Weather Safety, St. Mary's Windsurfers are Stoked!, Shop News, Classifieds

Nov/Dec 2008
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Live to Windsurf, 2008 Racing Wrap-up, East Coast Champs, Hatteras Trip Top 10, Hatteras Thanks!, Karpathos, Greece - Windsurfing Honeymoon, Windsurfing in St. Pete, FL, Self-Woo Factor, Sailing Hanna, Sailing Assategue, Calema Performance Clinic, HRSC, 2008 Season Scores, 2008 Speed Quest Results, Shop News, Classifieds

July/Aug 2008
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Help Wanted, Racing Update, Learn to Windsurf, BABA's May Hatteras Trip Keeps its Promises, I Got Hooked!, October Hatteras Trip Reservation Form, Sailing with Olympians, Gerry Brown Fundraiser Thanks, BABA Financial Report, Shop News, Classifieds, Postcard from Japan, 2008 Calendar

May/June 2008
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21 Years of BABA, Membership Renewal, BABA Campout at Gunpowder, BABA Clinics 2008, Speed Quest Update, Wave Jumping at Gunpowder?, Farrah Hall Update, New BABA T's, Caps & Hoodies, Early April in Avon, Avon Misadventures, Chincoteague Bay is Empty!, New BABA Member, Shop News, Classifieds, Farewell BABA, 2008 Calendar

March/April 2008
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Calema Midwinters, Membership Renewal, 2008 Race Season, WET Spring Regatta, KA Sails Chesapeake Bay Ambassador, BABA Clinics 2008, In the Club with BABA, Speed Quest 2008, Lake Arenal, New Sponsor - Standup Surf and Sail Journal, Shop News, Classifieds, 2008 Calendar

Jan/Feb 2008
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Winter Party and KA Sail Drawing, 2008 BABA Race Schedule, WET Races, May Hatteras Reservations, April and October Hatteras Trip Information, A Match Made in Hatteras, Get the Most From Your Long Board, Back in the Cold Weather Game, Pollution in Delaware Inland Bays, Shop News, Classifieds

Nov/Dec 2007
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Lots of pictures!
Annual Meeting & Racing Awards, 2007 Pat Pugh Service Award, East Coast Championships, Formula World Championships in Brazil, Race Results, Rocky Point Ripping, Tribute to Gordon Palmer, Winter Party and KA Sail Drawing October Hatteras Trip, Olympic Update, May Hatteras Reservations, Shop News, Classifieds

Sept/Oct 2007
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Hatteras Trip Change of Hands, East Coast Championships, Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic, Race Standings, KA Sails - New Sponsor, Clinics and Instruction, BABA Fall Migration to Hatteras, Demo Days in Avon, BABA in iWindsurf, JP Freestyle Wave: Fun & Failure, Shred Betties in Dewey, May Days in Hatteras, Shop News, Calendar, Classifieds

July/Aug 2007
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Six Months in the Life of a Serious Windsurfer, Meet at the Beach, Learn to Windsurf Clinic, Petra Kanz Clinic, Never Miss a Race!, I Learned to Windsurf in a Tropical Storm, Fall Hatteras Trip Reservations, Letter from Denise Parris, Supporting Our Olympic Athletes, Iraq Wind, Marooned on Hatteras Island and Other Spring Getaway Stories, May 2008 - Desperately Seeking Trip Coordinator, Adventures in Greece, Hanging 10 (or 15), Dodging a Bullet, Priceless..., 2007 Events Calendar, Classifieds, Shop News

May/June 2007
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Windfest 2007, Membership Renewal Time! BABA Racing, BABA Financial Report, BABA Ovals, April Fools Wave Jumping Contest, Learn to Windsurf Clinic, Petra Kanz Clinic, Chester River Fest, Avon - April 2007, April Nor'easter, Rocky Point Access, 2007 Events Calendar, 2007 Membership App, Classifieds, Shop News

March/April 2007
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Ice Sailing, Membership Renewal Time! 2007 Hatteras Trips, Hatteras 2007, WET Spring Regatta, BABA Race Schedule, April Fools Wave Jumping Contest, Gerry Brown Memorial Race, Learn to Windsurf Clinic, Petra Kanz Clinics, ABK Camps, Mayo Mega Demo, Winter Getaway, 2 Shisa, Spring Hatteras Trip Reservation, Landsailing, Trip to Baja, Lake Arenal 2007, Maui in the Winter, You Know You've Been Windsurfing Too Long When..., 2007 Events Calendar, 2007 Membership App, Classifieds, Shop News

Jan/Feb 2007
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Mid-Winter Party, 2007 Hatteras Trips, Hatteras Tripping, You Know You've Been Windsurfing Too Long When..., Spring Hatteras Trip Reservation, Windsurfing Safety in the Growing World of Kiting, 2 Failures Better than 1?, 2007 Membership App, Classifieds, Shop News

Nov/Dec 2006
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Annual Meeting & Racing Awards, Mayo Wind, 2007 Hatteras Trips, Hatteras Tripping, The Great Hatteras Banner Heist of 2006, Self Rescue and the Wide-Style Board, Perfect Storm - Halloween '91, Rocky Point Ripping, East Coast Formula Championships, Redefining the Possible, Classifieds, Shop News

Sept/Oct 2006
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BABA Family Fun Day, BABA Incorporation and Bylaws, East Coast Formula Championships & BABA MAS Race, Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic, Fall Hatteras Trip, Annual Meeting & Racing Awards Dinner, Hot Chili Regatta, Demos, Demos, Demos, Ernesto, Arenal & the Cracked Board, Hood River, OR, Barbados, 2006 Calendar of Events, Classifieds, Shop News

July/Aug 2006 [Screen 1MB] [Print 4.6MB]
My First Race, BABA Family Fun Day, New BABA T's, Racing, Clinics, Fall Hatteras Trip Reservation Form, BABA Bike Collection, Predicting Thermals, Texas Travels, May Hatteras Trip, 2006 Calendar of Events, Classifieds, Shop News

May/June 2006 [Screen 1MB] [Print 3.8MB]
Calema Midwinters, New Prize Program, New BABA T's, Racing, Clinics, Demos, BABA Bike Collection, Letter to BABA, Wave Jumping Contest, 2006 Calendar of Events, Classifieds, Shop News, 2006 Membership Renewal Form

March/April 2006 [Screen 1MB] [Print 3.6MB]
Winter Party, Chairman's Message, Membership Renewal, Racing, Clinics, Demos, Hatteras Reservation Form, Southern Migration to Costa Rica, Winter Sailing Update, Have Surplus Gear?, Rails, Tails & Rocker, Classifieds, Shop News, 2006 Membership Renewal Form

January/February 2006 [Screen 1.2mb]
2005 Awards Banquet and General Meeting, BABA Winter Party, Chuck Takes a Break, Windsurfing Goddesses, Hatteras Reservation Form, Fall 2005 Hatteras Trip stories & Pix, Maui Winds Crank, BVI Revisited, Classifieds, Shop News, 2006 Membership Renewal Form

November/December 2005 - no newsletter published.

September/October 2005 [Screen 1mb | Print 5.3mb]
Fun Day, East Coast Formula Championships/BABA MAS, To Incorporate?, Farrah & Alans Windsurfing Adventure, Hart Miller Non-Rounding, Racing News, BABA Junior Windsurfing Scholarship, Who Said Geeks Don't Windsurf, Classifieds, Shop News, Calendar.

July/August 2005 [Screen 1mb | Print]
Farrah & Alans Windsurfing Adventure, BABA Family Fun Day, Chairman's Message, Racing News, BABA Junionr Windsurfing Scholarship, May Hatteras, Petra Kanz Freestyle Clinic, BABA Learn to Windsurf, Learning to Windsurf, BABA Bike Collection, Classifieds, Shop News, Calendar.

May/June 2005 [Screen (1 MB) | Print (5.2 MB)]
April Hatteras, Membership Renewal Time, HiFly MADD Giveaway, Mayo Thursday's, 10th Gerry Brown Memorial, BABA+MAS Schedule, Petra Kanz 2005 Clinics, WET Spring Regatta, Avon October Sign-up, Board Shapes, Classifieds, April Fools, B.V.I., Shop News, Calendar.

March/April 2005 [Screen ( 1 MB) | Print (5.5 MB)]
BABA Winter Party Pix, HiFly Board Giveaway, Membership Renewal Time, Gerry Brown Memorial Race, WET Spring Regatta, Racing Calendar, Calema Midwinters, Formula Windsurfing Basics, Clinic News, Hatteras Trips, Demo Day, Windfest, Is the Latest the Greatest?, Postcard from Iraq, Which Footstraps Should you Consider?, BABA Bike Collection, Costa Rica, Bonaire, It Takes a Village, March Prayer, BABA Dry Shirts, Classifieds, Shop News, BABA Calendar.

January/February 2005 [screen 1 MB ]
BABA Winter Party, BABA Fun Raiser, Membership News, 2005 Racing Schedule, Mid Atlantic Series Racing, Calema Midwinters, Avon April or May 2005 Sign-up, Learn to Windsurf Clinic, Petra Kanz Clinics, Polar Bear Plunge, Gale Force Sailing at Rocky Point, Uphauling at Arenal, BABA in Margarita, 2005 BABA Calendar, Shop News and Classifieds

November/December 2004 [Screen (1.2 MB) | Print (8.3 MB)]
BABA Annual Meeting and Race Banquet, Mid-Winter Party Host Request, Chairman's Message, Racing News, Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic & East Coast Formula Championships, Mountain Boy in Hatteras, Why Avon?, Postcard From Japan, Sharon Chickering, Avon 2005, Chesapeake's Prime Season, Bonaire Winter Blast - Isthmus Sailboards, BABA Dry Shirts, Classifieds, Shop News.

September/October 2004 [Screen (1 MB) | Print (20 MB)]
Fun Day pictures. Avon trip preview. Racing News. Hampton Roads Sailboard Classic. US Juniors Go To Belgium. Windsurfing 10+ Commandments! The Potomac. The Jibe Growl. Summer Gorge Trip. Australia. Masters on Maui. Ted James, Fox Sports memorium. Brooks Point Frisco, NC. Bermuda. BABA dry shirts. Classifiied. Shop News. And, BABA's newest arrivals!

July/August 2004 (1 MB)
BABA Fun Day. Hatteras Fall Trip update. Gunpowder/MAS weekend of races. Season Scores. Petra Kanz Clinic. BABA Calendar. US Nationals - San Francisco. Nagai Ranked #1. Aruba in April. Chuck and Jackie on skiiing. Classified. Shop News. Pictures!

May/June 2004 (0.8 MB)
BABA Winter Party, Membership Renewal, 2004 Racing Schedule, 2004 Clinic Schedule, Rocky Point Double Rainbow, Gerry Brown Memorial Race and Cancer Research, Shop News and Classifieds.

Mar/Apr 2004 (0.8 MB)
BABA Chases April's Hatteras Winds, BABA Family Fun Day, Membership Renewal, Racing & Clinic News, Thursday Night Racing/Mayo Wind Club, Fall Hatteras Trip Sign-up, New Freestyle Maneuver, A Moment in Time, Quick Trip to Maui, 2004 Calendar, Shop News and Classifieds.

Jan/Feb 2004 (1.0 MB)
BABA Winter Party, Chairman's Message, Hat proposal, Proposed Racing Schedule, Racing Pictures, Avon April 2004 Sign-up and Proposed Trip Schedule, Paradise Found in Jericoacoara Brazil, Bonaire, BABA Weekend at Banana River, Shop News and Classifieds

Nov/Dec 2003 (Screen 1.7 MB)
Racing Awards Dinner, Marc Rosen elected new Steering Committee Chair, 2004 Hatteras Trips, BABAMail, Petra's Freestyle Clinic, October Hatteras Trip Photos, BABA in Aruba, Postcard from Japan, Isabel, Gorge Conditions at Rocky Point, BABA Winter Party, Shop News, Classifieds - Lots of pictures in this issue

Sept/Oct 2003 (Screen 1 MB)
Hart Miller Island, BABA Family Fun Day, BABA VI - including blind-folded kayak races, BABA Aruba, Racing Awards and Annual Meeting announcement, East Coast Formula Board Championships coming, Summer Gorge Trip, BABA 2003 Race News, Shop News, Calendar, Classifieds

July/Aug 2003

News Stories.

May/June 2003 (995 KB)
Spring Hatteras Trip, 2003 Membership Renewal, Petra Kantz Clinics, BABA IV - Chester River Windsurfing Race, MAS Racing, WET Spring, Calema Mid-Winters Road Trip, 2003 BABA Schedule, Shop News, Classifieds

March/April 2003 (831 KB)
BABA Mid-Winter Party, 2003 Membership Renewal, Petra Kantz Clinics, Calema Mid-winters, Gerry Brown Memorial Race, Profile Tom Sargent, Girl Scouts, Costa Rica, Frosted Flakes, 2003 BABA Schedule, Shop News, Classifieds

January/February 2003 (1MB)
BABA Mid-Winter Party, Avon 2003, Racing with BABA in 2003, North Point Launch, Almost April Fools Day Wave Bash & Hot Dog Roast, Jericoacoara Trip Raffle, Cabarete with Kids, Chinook Hydroshok, Windsurf Safari to Bonaire, 2003 BABA Schedule, Shop News, Classifieds

November/December 2002 (788KB)
Racing year-end awards and scores. The Gorge. Message from the director. Trailers (part 3). Avon/Hatteras October 2002. Teen travels with BABA. And, Robby Naish in Avon/Hatteras NC.

September/October 2002 (462KB)
A Call for Leadership, Fun Day 2002, Avon Calling, Costa Rica Calling, Trailers (part 2), Mayo Beach Park, Lake Michigan, Racing and Clinic News, BABA VII - Hart-Miller Island, Zeitvogel, Classifieds, Shop News, BABA Calendar

July/August 2002 (634KB)
Trailers, Hatteras Update, Race News, New Women's Class, Hart Miller Island, Mid-Atlantic, Martha's Vineyard Challenge, Clinic Update, Petra Kanz, Calema Clinic, Tinho Dornellas, Classifieds, Shop News, BABA Calendar

May/June 2002 (1600KB)
BABA Family Fun Day, Racing News, BABA TV, Clinic News, WET Spring Regatta, Spring Hatteras Trip, Postcard from Japan, Classifieds, Shop News, Schedule

March/April 2002 (1293KB)
Re-designed Website Coming Soon; Mid-Winter Party; BABA Clinics; US Windsurfing National Tour; Spring Hatteras Trip - BABAfest!; More_Downhaul; Adjustable Harness Lines; RAGE-ing Gear Demo - March 23; Costa Rica; 2002 Schedule; Shop News; Classifieds.



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January/February 2002 (599KB) Mid-Winter Party, Membership Renewal, 2002 Race Program & Schedule, SMWA Ideas for 2002, Hatteras Update, Mar 23 Demo Day, Martha's Vineyard, Winter Warriors, Windsurfing Patents, 2002 Club Schedule, Shop News, Classifieds


Nov-Dec 2001 [~1.6 MB]

Annual Awards, Message from the Director, Racing 2001 Wrap-up, BABA Fall Hatteras Trip, Travel Opportunities - Hatteras 2002 & Costa Rica 2002, Bay Crossing Record, Weekend with Gebi, Letters, Shop News, Classifieds

Sep-Oct 2001 [~1.3 MB]

Racing Awards Dinner, Thanks, Clinic info, RACING, BABA Winter Trip to Costa Rica 01/26/2002, Hatteras 10/13/2001 info, Maui, Chesapeake's Prime Season, Tidewater LOTTO Regatta,, Victoria's Marc's Secret, Shop News, Classifieds and more!!!

Jul-Aug 2001 [~1.1 MB]

Ticks, Postcard from Japan, BABA October Hatteras trip news, Clinics: BABA Clinics, Petra Kanz Shortboard & Longboard Clinics, SMWA Races, Baltimore Race Adventurre, "How BABA Changed my Life", Windsurfing Ambassadorship, Nevin Sayre's challenge, New Members!!!, Memorial Day in Hatteras, Shop News, Classifieds and more!!!

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