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Frosted Flakes
by Marc Rosen, USWA# 41187
photos by Paula Rosen

After last year's mild winter I was delighted that the region got cold enough to freeze up Lake Marburg for another season of sniceling (snow and ice sailing). Occasionally a few friends would show up to join in the fun. February 2 (3rd session) had the best conditions. The snow from the previous week's storm had blown off and left a relatively clean surface with a little water on top - it was in the low 40's - to easily power me on a 3.7 in the 10 -15 MPH breeze. Dave Macveigh brought his wooden DN iceboat and there was another "boater" on an all steel Skimmer. Both boaters were using 27+ square feet sails which dwarfed my 3.7 and they proved their wind handling ability by going extremely fast. I traded craft with Dave for short time and had a wild session going covering one mile sections of the lake in what seemed like seconds. Often I got overpowered and the windward runner would rise off the ice.

The following week Paula and I were joined by BABA member Steve Sabia and his girlfriend Chris who brought his homemade freeskate and a tandem kite rig to use with his snowboard. This time we had a thick and uniform snow cover that resulted in me using a 7.8 and a harness. Steve's freeskate could not course throgh the snow but his skill with a kite and board was incredible. Another friend of Steve's showed up with a solo 8 meter kite and we we're racing each other to the farthest reaches of the lake.

We went back to the lake a few more times though our later sessions were much shorter because the wind was short lived. Steve and I also tested Lake Roland in Baltimore on a 20+ day only to get skunked by the abundant snow cover and twitchy wind directions. Lake Roland is sailable when there is no snow cover at all, but the "No Skating" signs probably indicate that we should be out on the ice.

As I'm typing this there is still a measured 11 inches of ice on Marburg but no wind but I'm hoping to get one more session in before the thaw. And then, there's always next year. Maybe more BABA members will come up for some hard water fun.