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Let's Rig is a familiar term to several BABA members because they know it as a windsurfers message group that is based in Hampton Roads, VA. Glenn Woodell started Let's Rig several years ago as a means to let local sailors alert their friends as to where or when they're going sailing or query a group to see who wants to get in a session. Let's Rig has also been used to announce WET club meetings, local beach clean-ups and any other windsurfing related topic you can think of.

Now, Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington , and Southern PA can participate in there own group, More Downhaul. M_D is a Yahoo Group that has a free, anonymous membership (and you can unsubscribe easily, and anytime.) To subscribe just go to (Note: There is an underscore between more and downhaul, more_downhaul , hence M_D)

Once you're on the list you can post any message you desire. Want to let everyone know you're heading to Rocky Point? Just post it. Want to find out who's going out in tomorrow's "Small Crafts Advisory"? It's easy to find out. Planning a quickie road trip and want company? You need More Downhaul. More Downhaul can be your second source behind the Wind Hotline and it's quicker than making lots of phone calls. You can access M_D from Hatteras so you'll be able to tell your friends who stayed behind that they're missing an epic sailing trip.

If you are unable to register at the above address or unsure if you want to join, just send an email to I can send an invitation to join or answer some of your concerns about the group. Thanks for thinking about More Downhaul.







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