Spring Sailing with Team Mayo

Chris jumping
BEL 29

by Tom Caswell, USA 60

April 18

The bay gave up another good day, but team Mayo was reduced to me and G today. It was time to get back on the Formula gear with the Kashy fins race only a few weeks away, I rigged the 9.4m with winds in the low 20 knot range, G-man chickened out and sailed his 5.6 and custom board. The gust seemed like mid 25 knot range.

My 9.4 has turned into my go to sail for Formula when wind are over 20 knots on average. The North Formula warp 2012 may be the best Formula sail I’ve owed in many years of Formula sailing.

North Sail
North Formula Warp


April 22 – Formula vs Slalom

Gman and I had an interesting experiment this evening running some upwind downwind legs as we had ENE wind. Now we both know the formula board would run deeper downwind and higher upwind, but what if the Formula board sailed angles closer to a slalom board angles?

Gman sailed 8m and Starboard 112 isonic which is a very fast slalom board. I sailed the Patrick Formula race and 9.4m, the wind speed was 18 knots with a few lulls and a few higher gust….long story short my asumption was the Formula board would fall behind the slalom board if we ran angles more typical of slalom boards on the upwind and downwind. But in these conditions with 1-2 foot swell and 18 knots, the Formula board was just as fast even on a reach. No advantage to either board–a draw.

The Formula boards continue to amaze with huge range. It’s really a shame more windsurfers dont take advantage of the wide style boards Formula like boards. Anyhow that’s 3 out of the last 5 days lit up on the cold cold bay.

Avon Sailing 2013

Early April in Avon was windy once again, with sailing six out of seven days, including three days on 4.7’s.   The week started off with 4.7 winds on Saturday when we all arrived at Island Thunder at about noon and wasted no time getting on the water.  Saturday was cool with 5/3 suits and drysuits worn by most, after the light wind SUP/hike/rest day on Sunday the wind shifted to the Southwest for Monday through Thursday.  Many sailors wore shorties and there was even one refugee from Canada spotted on Friday sailing in her bikini bottom with a wetsuit top.   I suppose 62 degree water feels warm when you have driven from snowy Canada.   Peak SW winds were Wednesday afternoon with the 4.7 and small kites (8 and 9 meters) getting a workout.  Friday started with some wind and mid-day rain, some of the more eager sailors were out on 6.5’s and 7’s in the morning, but in our house we waited for the afternoon clearing.  We started on big kites and 6.5/5.9 as the rain moved out.   By the time the wind built into the evening we ended on 4.7’s once again, a perfect end to a great week.   Saturday morning was windy from the NE but we packed up and moved out fairly early.   This is at least the seventh consecutive year of five or more sailing days in early April.   Part of that is just good luck but it also seems to be a time when the weather patterns are changing and the result is lots of wind.   There are always plenty of empty houses available that time of year.  There were several Island Creek houses available so we used the extra driveways for parking since Island Thunder has limited spots.   Ocean Air and all the shops were open, traffic was light, and there were always some kiters and sailors on the water but never a crowd.

Roger and Sara
Roger and Sara
Tim & Ken
Tim & Ken