East Coast Championships Regatta – No Sail Number, No Score!

The 2019 East Coast Championships Regatta took place on September 14 & 15 at Beverly Triton Beach Park and we had wind, sun, laughs, smiles, FOILS, Kona, raceboard, Windsurfer LT, one junior, a cook-out at the park and great swag from our sponsors.

First off we want to thank all the volunteers who made the event possible, because it takes a village to run a regatta:

Steve Uhthoff – Race Director
Jeff and Darlene Forte – Committee Boat and race committee
Guillaume Vernieres – Chase Boat
Warren Evans, Daphne Lathouras – event logistics
Janice Anne Wheeler – photographer
Brad Tibbils, Annie & Scott Cannon, Ann Jackson and Mike McCormick – registration and lunch – in addition to making sure everyone had a SAIL # they made sure the everyone had a great lunch waiting for them mid day.
Dave Iseri, Jane Price, Paul Albers, Ann Jackson and Mike McCormick – Race Committee – they ran a tight event from the comfort of Jeff and Darlene’s sailboat.
Duane Geruschat – chase boat driver – he got photographer Janice Wheeler out to prime spots on the course and was on call in case anyone needed to be rescued (thankfully no rescues or broken gear out on the course!).
Steve Uhthoff and Janice Anne Wheeler for a great BBQ dinner on the beach!

Dave Iseri, Darlene & Jeff Forte, Jane Price
Brad Tibbils, Annie Cannon (seated), Daphne Lathouras, Dave Iseri, Chris Wattengel,John Quinn and Jane Price (l-r)

We also want to recognize all the travelers – it’s fun to reconnect with racing buddies, folks we see more on facebook than in person, and to make new windsurfing friends:
Skip Boman from Benicia CA, John Quinn from Poquoson VA, Kevin Gaston from NY and Tom Latham from NJ.  And Alan Bernau Рevents are more fun with Alan! Thanks for coming!


1. Christophe Waerzeggers
2. Skip Boman
3. Jesse Falsone

1. Daphne Lathouras
2. Mark Sarrasin
3. John Quinn

1. Steve Uhthoff
2. Guillaume Vernieres
3. Warren Evans

1. Kevin Gaston
2. Tom Latham
3. Pancham Patel

1. Skip Boman (foil)
2. Christophe Waerzeggers (foil)
3. Alan Bernau (formula)

Raceboard Limited: 1st Kevin Gaston (c), 2nd Tom Latham (r), 3rd Pancham Patel (r)
Raceboard: 1st Steve Uhthoff (c), 2nd Guillaume Vernieres (l), 3rd Warren Evans (r)
Foil: 1st Christophe Waerzeggers (c), 2nd Skip Boman (l), 3rd Jesse Falsone (r)
Long Distance: 1st Skip Boman (c), 2nd Christophe Waerzeggers (l), 3rd Alan Bernau (r)
Kona: 1st Daphne Lathouras (c), 2nd Mark Sarrasin (l), 3rd John Quinn (r)

Lots more photos on BABA Google Photos 

Hope I didn’t miss anyone in the accolades – everyone’s help and committment is very appreciated!

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