Thank You Sponsors

Our friends in the windsurfing industry were very generous with their sponsorship again this year.  We had fun with the  name-drawing at the Season Kick-Off Party a couple of weeks ago.  The big winner for the event was longtime BABA member Roger Fitzgerald.  Roger’s name was drawn from among all the BABA members who have renewed for 2013 and he won the free ABK Camp.  He tells us that he’ll be sending his teenage daughter to ABK camp to hone her windsurfing skills.  Roger is making a shrewd investment in the future of our sport by giving his daughter the best possible windsurfing instruction available.  Having just completed an ABK camp myself (after my 15 year camp hiatus) I know that she’ll learn a lot and have a great time in the process.  We look forward to her report!

BABA member Dave Iseri is serving as Sponsorship Coordinator  and he did a great job  securing lots of products and gift certificates to help BABA promote our sport.  Thank you to (in no particular order) Dakine, Chinook, East of Maui Annapolis, Wind NC, Avon Sail House, Delmarva Board Sports Adventures, US Windsurfing (go get a membership!), Ezzy Sails, ABK Boardsports (take a clinic!), Aerotech Sails, Maui Fin Company, WaterStarter, East UpHaul, Windsport Magazine (subscribe before we lose them too!) and Ocean Air Sports.  Lots of goodies found their way to new homes.  If you won something please remember to thank the sponsor.  And remember all of our sponsors when you’re shopping for gear.  You can find links to all of our sponsors’ webpages on the SPONSOR tab above.


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