Defi Diva – #803

by Amber, aka Defi Diva

Amber showing her race t #803

I was back to #43 Bungalow again before noon, and having completed my main objective for the day I decided to rent a bike and take in the French country side in a more leisurely manner.  I ended up riding my bike along the very well established bike paths back toward the city. The paths were for the most part dedicated for bike and pedestrian traffic, making for a very safe and easy ride.  I went back to visit the afore mentioned “city center”, “ruins”, “castle”, “canal”, etc, but this time I took the time to stop and enjoyed them.  My meanderings took me along picturesque flower strewn vineyards into the city where historic buildings edged small narrow streets. I road around the ancient castle that over looked the small town and over to the canal.  I followed the canal again down to the race venue, only simply to enjoy the ride, then turned around and followed water front back through the city. The city water front is lined with restaurants, bars, shops, and apartments.  I dodged
people and their dogs at every turn. It was a beautiful day and everyone was out enjoying it.

On the ride back to #43 Bungalow I found another grocery store and stocked up with a few more essentials before returning home. Camembert cheese for 1.30 euro!!  Ohh! La! La! (Luckily I had thrown in my BABA canvas bag at the last minute, it proved essential for shlepping my cheese and breads as well as  various windsurfing accoutrements.) I finally got back to #43 Bungalow later that evening and sat out on my porch to enjoy the “spoils” from my day’s adventure. The Greek yogurt was to die for. I made a sandwich from the fresh bread, thick in cheese and tomato. (Swoon!)  And then I topped it off with a bowl of French Corn Flakes, only because the whole milk I bought was so delicious it was like having desert.  I went to bed late that night with a full belly and looking forward to breakfast.

The next day Els, Bart and I decided to ride bikes back to the Defi. It was check in day, and we had to pick up our racing shirts. This time when we arrived, it was evident that the event was in full swing. Everywhere people were parking their trailers and vans loaded to the hilt with gear. Tarps were being spread out and sails were being rigged. Bart and I found the check in location, and picked up our race packets.  There were three colored shirts, yellow (men), pink (women), and green (juniors), and I was given a pink shirt with the number 803. Bart said, “You know you can keep it as a souvenir?  But they will keep your 30 euro deposit.”  “Maybe”, I said. “But only if I actually finish a race.”  After all what’s the point of keeping the “T-shirt” if you had only “Been There”, but not every really completed a full “Done That”?

The wind forecast was looking dismal for the next day.  Apparently the Tramontane was taking a nap. However, we were warned that it would soon be waking up, and would be grumpy when it did.  We again took to our bikes.  Els and Bart opted for the full ride around the lake on the way back, but I was already cooked from too much sun so headed directly back to hide on my nice cool shady porch.  Just as I got home however, the clouds rolled in and a quiet, windless, spring rain began to fall.  It rained for the rest of the day creating a deep lake like puddle in front of #43 Bungalow. I dodged the lake by walking through my neighbor’s “yards” and I took a walk in the rain down to the beach. It was empty and quiet.

After a while, I decided to head back as I had things to do. The night I arrived I had randomly piled all my gear inside the small hut and now  I needed to make sure I had everything prepared for the “potential, but not likely” race tomorrow.

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