BABA Membership – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

It’s that time of year – the time when we long for windsurfing weather, and the time when we pay our dues.

We pay our dues so we can be part of one of the best windsurfing clubs in the US.  BABA has Hatteras trips, regattas, clinics, social events at the beach and a great season kick-off party.  BABA members are also working on access to safe, clean, windsurfing launches, introducing kids to windsurfing and helping newbies get to the next level.

So far on the calendar for 2014 we have the Season Opener Party on  March 15, and the spring and fall Hatteras trips.  Reservations for the spring trip are now open, and you’ve got to be a member to participate!  We’ll have more dates on the schedule in the next month or so.  Subscribe to the blog and remember check the website for updates.  You can download the membership form here.

To remind you about all the fun we’ll have with BABA in 2014 have a look at these pix from last October’s Hatteras trip….

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