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Mike McCormick and Chris Wattengel
Mike McCormick and Chris Wattengel

After the elections (and some food and drink) at the season opener party, we recognized several BABA members for their stellar service.  Mike McCormick, outgoing chair, was recognized with the Pat Pugh Service Award and a gift certificate to East of Maui.  Thank you Mark Bandy and Mark Saunders for sponsoring the award.  Mike served as chair of BABA for 2 years, leading the steering committee through simple and complex decisions.  He also established the Mayo Water Sports Fun Fest in partnership with Anne Arundel County Rec and Parks.  2014 will be the 3rd year for the event.  Last year we had over 100 attendees – half and half between BABA members and members of the public.  This event has really helped enhance our relationship with AA Rec and Parks and they appreciate our efforts to help the public enjoy the park, windsurfing and other human-powered water sports.

This year we established the STOKE Award.  The steering committee nominated BABA members to be considered for this award using the criteria of stoke, BABA service and involvement with club activities, and not currently serving on the steering committee – the idea being to recognize those who have some time to give but aren’t in a leadership role.  The award went to Jeff Forte.  Jeff has been a long time Hatteras tripper and newsletter contributor, and for the past 2 years has volunteered his sailboat to serve as committee boat for the East Coast Championships Regatta at Mayo.  Thank you Jeff!

Coby Leyden was also recognized for his long term service as Hatteras Trip Coordinator.  The Hatteras trips are our biggest undertaking, and Coby has been at the helm for uncounted years.  He has the huge task of managing the reservation process, all the communication back and forth, collecting money (and giving it back if they meet the cancellation clause), making house lists and checking them twice, setting up the meet and greet party, recruiting a BABA-Q Chair, and putting out spot fires on the trips, TWO times each year!  Congratulations and thank you Coby.  Coby chose a waist harness from BABA sponsor Dakine, as his award.

Thank you Mike, Jeff and Coby,  and thank you to the steering committee and every single BABA member who takes on a volunteer role large or small.  Volunteers make BABA and windsurfing better for all of us!

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