Mayo Beach Blitz

Thanks to all who came out to help clean up Mayo Beach on Sunday, April 19.  The daffodils were blooming and the ospreys were protecting their nests as the BABA team and Team Mayo took care of business.

Tom Caswell headed up the project and was assisted by  Colin Pitts, Fan Pat, Guillaume Vernieres, Warren Evans, Helen Van Gelder, Bill Anderson, Mike McCormick, Ann Jackson, Bob Catzen, Chris Wattengel, Kevin Sherlock, Mick Y (sorry don’t know your last name), and Boy Scout Ernie Seppiayton and his father Ernest.  If we missed your name, please reply in the comments – we really appreciate everyone’s help.  The Big Bean in Severna Park donated coffee and pastries and Mayo staff brought out donuts, granola bars and water for the volunteers.

Overall the beach looked pretty good so the volunteers concentrated on cleaning up the grounds.  The group hauled 3 big logs off the beach and picked up about 25 bags of leaves and a bag of trash.  The park looks great!

Mayo is one of the best windsurfing launches on this side of the bay and BABA is proud to partner with AA County Rec and Parks and Mayo staff for the clean up and the Watersports Fun Fest.  The 3rd Annual Watersports Fun Fest will be on Sunday, June 29.  Mayo will also be hosting the East Coast Championships Regatta on September 20 & 21.

For more information about Mayo and to renew or join Mayo Wind check out the park website.  Thanks again to all the BABA members and friends who helped with the clean-up.  Click on the pictures to view them as a slide show.  Thanks to Tom Caswell and Mike McCormick for the pictures.

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