BABA Season in Full Swing

BABA season is in full swing and I’m just getting back to posting the pix from the season kick-off party.  We’ve already had the Mayo Clean-up,  spring Hatteras trip (pix and blog coming soon) and a bunch of BABA’ns participated in the WET/Kashy Fins Spring Regatta in Seaford, VA this past weekend (KONA One is awesome!).

We have the Beverly Triton beach clean-up (May 10) and Gerry Brown Regatta (May 18) to round out the month of May.  Whew!  Lots of opportunities to work and sail with your BABA friends.  Check the website and watch your e-mail for details.

More from the Season Kick-off Party

“BABA Members are missing the boat if they don’t come to this annual party,” says Hatteras Trip Coordinator Coby Leyden.  “Food, food, food!  A beautiful home with a view of the Severn River, wonderful hosts (thank you Ann & Mike!), the awesome raffle of goodies from our generous sponsors, and most importantly BABA friends and families!”

Speaking of sponsors….  BABA is very fortunate to have the support of the windsurfing industry.  Thank you sponsors!

Vlad Gavrilets won the ABK Clinic.  He’s looking forward to registering for the October clinic in Hatteras.  I believe this will be his first time at ABK, and most likely not his last.  Those of us who have been more than once know the benefits of expert instruction and critique on our technique, and the endless possibilities of perfecting our skills and challenging ourselves with new goals in windsurfing.  From absolute beginner to carving jibe to the spock 540 switch (huh?), Andy and the ABK team can teach you and help you move to your next level.

Enjoy the pictures.  See you on the water!


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