Defi Diva – That’s What Friends Are For

by Amber aka Defi Diva “Intimidated” is the word that best describes how I felt the few weeks before I left. Here I was going half way around the earth… ok, I exaggerate, it was only one quarter of the way, but it seemed a lot farther. It’s FRANCE!!! after all!  There were so many […]

Defi Diva – In the Beginning

by Amber K The first of a couple, or perhaps a few, but definitely not more than a some. Everyone seems to want to hear about this little adventure I’m on.  So while I don’t “blog” or “facebook” (yes, little Johnny, that is right I don’t have a facebook account…nor do I want one) I […]

Hatteras in May with 50 of your Favorite BABA Friends

Rolling fog banks and medium wind…  Coby doesn’t have to make good on his wind guarantee, but we all wish it was a little windier down here.  Of course that doesn’t mean we’re not having fun and enjoying the stoke with 50 of our favorite BABA friends in town.  Here are pix from the classic […]