Defi Diva – The Diva Rides Another Day

by Amber, aka d’FEE dee-VAH By the time I had warmed up, eaten a huge hamburger sandwich, applied some of Jurgen’s 50SPF sunblock on my now deep fried skin, and found my gear, the second Skipper’s meeting for the day was in full swing. The wind had picked up from where it had been during the […]

Defi Diva – Tramontane 1, Diva 0

by Amber, aka Defi Diva  (and in your best pseudo French accent, say d’FEE dee-VAH!) As I pulled myself and my gear from the rescue boat and sloshed toward the shore, I looked out at the distant sand dunes through a brown gritty haze. The sand was whipping in finger-like strands along the beach. I […]

Defi Diva – The First Mark

by Amber, aka Defi Diva Having never ridden a bull, I can only guess that what I was experiencing out on the water was very similar. During the Skipper’s meeting they had warned that the launch area and the waters up to the starting line were “a bit gusty”. I suppose the term “understatement” would […]

Defi Diva – “Lake”, “Castle”, “Canal”, “Ruins”, … Not in That Order

by Amber, aka Defi Diva I woke up the next morning in my #43 Bungalow to bright sunshine streaming through my open window, and a mosquito buzzing in my ear.  I covered  my head with the blanket in hopes that he (or I guess “she”) would go away.  It was 8 am. I had slept […]

Defi Diva – Obstacles

by Amber, aka Defi Diva Luckily the military had trained me well when during my first deployment to Iraq I was unceremoniously dumped on the tarmac in Kuwait with 6 military bags and a weapons case. “Ma’am, you’ll need to check in at the terminal headquarters about a quarter mile down the road.” “What about […]

Defi Diva – Viva la Air France!

by Amber, aka Defi Diva The notion of traveling to the south of France in the spring time seems all romantic and picturesque until, that is, you check into the airline ticket counter with 2 boards, a sail bag, 2 suitcases, and a back pack.  “Just go with the flow… Just go with the flow…ooohhhhmmmm….”, […]