Wind and Sun for the East Coast Championships Regatta

BABA racers and Meet at the Beach inspired windsurfers scored a big weekend at Mayo for the East Coast Championships on September 21 and 22. We’ve got lots of pictures and words to share, but in case, dear reader, you don’t make it through the entire post, I’m going to take this opportunity to thank […]

Mayo Water Sports Fun Fest Exceeds Expectations!

About 100 people showed up for BABA & AA Co. Rec and Park’s 2nd annual Water Sports Fun Fest at Mayo Beach on July 14.  About half the people were BABA members and their families, and the other half were members of the public and new to BABA and windsurfing.

Hatteras in May with 50 of your Favorite BABA Friends

Rolling fog banks and medium wind…  Coby doesn’t have to make good on his wind guarantee, but we all wish it was a little windier down here.  Of course that doesn’t mean we’re not having fun and enjoying the stoke with 50 of our favorite BABA friends in town.  Here are pix from the classic […]